Did you know exterior paint can bring in 141% of return on the investment and a nice overall exterior of a house increases the 20% of your home’s value? Yes, you have read it correctly! A great exterior of your house looks magnificent and it can provide you a better return when you are planning to sell it in the future.

A simple exterior can be a choice of one person and a fancy one can be a choice of another person! If you want something in between or any other design, get in touch with the competent exterior designers of Softpins to get the work done at an affordable price without any delay!

Styles Available In Exterior Design!

Looking to update the existing exterior design of your house? Get in touch with the professional designers at Softpins to guide you in the best way possible!


The first exterior style on the list is the cottage design. It features a storybook character, warm, steep roof pitches, cross gables, arched doors, casement windows along with small panes, brick, stucco, or stone siding.


In this exterior design, you see the steeply pitched roofs be they hipped or side-gabled along with stucco walls and a half-timbered frame. Note that the curb appeal stands out and provides stunning driveways and landscape designs.


Victorian homes mostly provide the steeply pitched roof with a dominant front-facing gable and patterned shingles with cutaway bay windows.
The Victorian house style usually has an asymmetrical facade that has a full-width or partial front porch.


Most contemporary homes have features like open floor plans, glass, and inventive designs. Without the need for elaborate ornamentation and unnecessary detail, the exteriors of houses in contemporary homes feature a dynamic mix of contrasting materials along with the textures, exposed roof beams, flat, and low-pitched roofs.


The traditional and classic design is also known as the little country. It gives a similar look and a feel similar to the Victorian design. Note that style was popular back in the U.S. Colonial era. It has a rectangular shape with symmetrical windows, gabled roofs, flat exterior walls, and neutral color.